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               The Nicaraguan Seismic Network located in Septembe, 1997, a number of 136 seismic events. The mayority of them were located in the subduction zone off coast of the Pacific Ocean. Seismic events occurred in the volcanoes San Cristóbal, Telica, Cerro Negro, Momotombo, Apoyeque y Laguna de Apoyo.

               This month we get preliminary results of structure under urban area of Managua city making use of the Seismic Surface Wave. All this in connection of the Microzonation of Managua project.

               It was also obtained seismic hazard maps for the Central American region based on Norway (NORSAR)  phylosophi and regional seismic catalog, (we include maps in terms of the PGA in percentage of g, for return period of 500 and 1000 years).

               San Cristóbal volcano continued with its low intensity eruption,  small explosions occurred the crater and emission of low amounts af ash, the liberation of seismic energy was continously increasing.

                At Telica volcano the  high level of seismic activity continued without visible signs of other volcanic activity in the crater.


               The Nicaraguan Seismic Network counts with 21 telemetric seismic stations. The data are digitally recorded and processed at Managua data center. Any seismic event detected by the data acquisition routine is processed regularly within a short time by the seismologist on duty. In case of a strong event the system emits an acoustic signal and the seismologist determines immediately the parameters of the event and sends within minutes a report to the Nicaraguan authorities and the mass media.

               The Monthly Bulletin is published in the first days of the following month, after having revised the preliminary determinations. It is distributed in Nicaragua to governmental organizations and mass media, in Central America to cooperating institutions in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panamá, furthermore it is sent to several cooperating institutions in South America, North America and Europe. Phase data and waveforms can be obtained writing (see address on first page)  or sending an email to the editor (email wilfried.strauch@gf.ineter.gob.ni).