The monitoring and early warning system was maintained around the clock during all the year. This system guaranteed the rapid and correct information of the authorities and the general public about the seismic and volcanic activity and other important geologic phenomena in Nicaragua.



- In the year 2006, they registered 1,947 seismic events, of these were located 1,870. The majority associated with the Zone of Subducction and in the Volcanic Chain from Nicaragua. At least 32 events were felt for the population.

- The most important seismic events occurred the February 2, with ML magnitude= 5.8. It was located in the Golfo de Fonseca. The seismic event was felt in the Western zone and North from Nicaragua and South part from El Salvador and Honduras.



- The surveillance of the active volcanoes continued by means of seismic monitoring, visual observations, temperatures measurements, Web cameras and meteorological monitoring. During 55 visits made over the year to the active craters, fumaroles and other places in the volcanoes INETER obtained numerous measurements of temperature, gas samples and valuable visual observations.

- In April of the 2006, the volcano San Cristóbal, it maintained volcanic activity with phreatic explosions. Telica presented low activity with small explosions and little gas emission. The Masaya volcano, in October of the 2006, it was formed a new vent in the intercrater of the Santiago crater, with a small lake of lava. The Momotombo and Concepción volcanoes presented small explosions. The Cerro Negro volcano stayed in relative calm.



It stayed the surveillance of landslide of earth, so much in the volcanic areas like the mountainous zones. Gave pursuit to the following phenomenons:

               - Sinking of the floor in the part gets off the Southwest Cerro Juan de Sapo, Villa Nueva

               - Lahar in the South slope of   San Cristóbal volcano

               - Landslide  in Cerro El Volcán, Viejo Dipilto, Ocotal

               - Landslide Cerro La Pitat, Comarca La Pita. Santa Teresa, Carazo

               - Lahar La Chirca,  San Marcos, Island of Ometepe, Rivas


Executed projects

The General Direction Geophysic worked in the following projects:

- Maintenance of the net of monitoring and alert early

               - Virtual Net

               - Net of digital communication for the geologic monitoring to national level

               - Seismic Digital Net

               - Central of Monitoring - Shift seismological

               - Nets seismic storms in firm earth and in the Pacific Ocean

               - Continuity in the Volcanic Monitoring with Images of Satellite

               - Improvement of the Monitoring of Volcanoes

               - System of alert of tsunami

               - System of Alert Early of landslide in the zone of The Volcano, Dipilto

- Results of the seismic monitoring, volcanic, of landslide

               - Eruption of the volcano San Cristóbal

               - Incandescence and explosions in the Telica Volcano

               - Monitoring of the Masaya volcano

               - Monitoring of the Momotombo Volcano

               - Monitoring of the Concepción Volcano

               - Landslide in Cerro Juan de Sapo, Villanueva

- Studies of Threat, Vulnerabilidad and Risk

               - Supervision of Geologic studies in Managua

               - Development of the Information Geographic System (SIG Georiesgos)

               - Geologic Maps and of Geologics Threats for the zone of Estelí

               - Evaluation of the menace for Places of Urbanization

               - Finish of the Studies of menace geologic in cooperation with the JICA/ Japan

               - Stages of volcanic eruptions for the Concepción Volcano, Island of Ometepe

               - Study batimetric and geophysical in the big lakes from Nicaragua

               - Investigation of the Process of Subducction and of Natural Disasters in Nicaragua

               - Maps of menace and risks for landslide and  SAT of slips in Nicaragua

- Publications

               - Monthly Bulletins

               - Reports in international projects

               - Web Place