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National Tsunami Warning System / Tsunami Disaster Mitigation and Prevention Measures -                                 Vea en español
Activities 2005

Note: These activities are realized in several projects and programs INETER/Geofísical Department executes in cooperation with national and international institutions .

1. Tsunami Hazard Mapping of the Nicaraguan Pacific coast. In cooperation with OYO company and financed by JICA/Japan and Nicaraguan government. Definition of mitigation measures for high risk area.

2. Pilot project on installation of sirens at Poneloya, Department of León, execution of warning exercises using sirens, integration of the local in the National Tsunami Warning System. Education, outreach and awareness measures about tsunami and tsunami warning in Poneloya. In cooperation with Civil Defense of Nicaragua and MOVIMONDO and financed by European Union.

3. Improvements of the communications procedures with Nicaraguan Civil Defense and SINAPRED (National Emergency Commission) the communities at the coast using the existing radio system. Test of SMS messages in the cellular telephone systems for transmission of tsunami warnings.

4. Improvement of the reception of PTWC warning messages using a new satellite antenna and receiving station of INETER´s Meteorological Department.

5. Improvements of the Seismic network with the intention to augment redundancy in the system, automatize data processing for local and regional earthquakes and shorten the time for the emission of warning messages: a) Installation of a short period small array at INETER, Managua; b) Making operational the TREMORS system using broad band sensor at INETER/Managua; c) Integration in the data processing the data of a virtual seismic network with broad band stations in Central America and surrounding countries.

6. Installation of new sea gauges on the Pacific coast, Caribbean coast and the coast of the large lakes in Nicaragua. Equipment was bought in cooperation with NGO MOVIMONDO and financed by European Union.

7. Conclusion of the formation of the regional tsunami warning system for Central America based on a redundant system of national warning systems with their seismic communications networks under the direction of the National Emergency Commissions. In cooperation with CEPREDENAC, seismic data centers and Emergency Commissions of Central American countries.

8. We are also considering an improvement of our National Warning System with the installation of buoys with attached sea gauges or pressure sensors attached to cables in the Pacific Ocean in front off Nicaragua, eventually in the frame of the Regional Warning System in Central America. Corresponding proposals will be elaborated and presented to funding agencies.

Managua, 3 de enero, 2005

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